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Ceres Technologies is a systems integrator and complete outsourcing solutions provider from design to manufacturing. Supplying technically intensive design, engineering, and full build capability of industrial equipment for the semiconductor, transportation, medical device, food, energy, and general manufacturing sectors.


The Molecule Delivery Systems group supplies factory-wide molecule delivery tools (including gas, vapor, liquid, and slurry delivery) and sub-assembly modules to wet-processing equipment OEM’s

  • Gas cabinets, VMB’s, BSGS, racks, panels and sticks
  • Precursor vapor delivery
  • Chemical and slurry systems
  • NEHP tool utility modules


The Advanced Systems Manufacturing group provides contract design, engineering and manufacturing services for advanced process tool development and integration.

  • Thin Film (Roll-to-Roll and Web)
  • Cluster tools


The Measurement and Metrology Systems group designs and manufactures innovative metrology solutions that confirm your process metrics, providing process control and yield management.

  • Benchtop, In-Line & In-Situ x-ray fluorescence (XRF) measurement tools
  • Custom OEM Solutions
  • Expert Support

At Ceres, we know that your requirements are diverse and fluid. That’s why we offer you the ability to scale your needs with our services.


Ceres is structured to provide you with an array of development, engineering and manufacturing solutions. We can provide equipment builds from your drawing packages, or start with just a concept that you have.


Our engineering services encompass a spectrum of capabilities designed to interface with the phase of product development life cycle that you are in or that you choose. Ceres designs, manufactures, and manages tool sub-assembly and module fabrication through turnkey builds.


Ceres engages your design, engineering and manufacturing requirements through the use of a product development channel comprising three core elements:

  • Engineering To Order (ETO)

  • Manufacturing To Order (MTO)

  • Ceres Branded Products

Design, Engineering & Logistic Services

Ceres offers our customers comprehensive services, including: Engineering, program management, and complete equipment manufacturing. Our engineering and supply chain groups interface with you to review and evolve your initial specification, ensuring satisfaction of your program needs and end product attributes. We can provide production & logistics for builds from your drawing packages, or start with just a concept that you have.

Product Development and Integration

Ceres’ skills include UHP fabrication, full integration, assembly, and testing that complies to customer specifications, industrial standards and codes. We reduce BOM costs by minimizing parts, their complexity, and intelligent sourcing. We reduce labor costs with assembly simplification and flow consideration, while reducing procedures, tools and fasteners. We use materials designed to meet all performance, reliability and cost requirements.

Product Build and Complex Tool Builds

In partnership with our customers, Ceres contributes value-engineered solutions to highly complex equipment design challenges. From advanced robotics and automation control systems, to process chambers for the most advanced technologies, to high-vacuum and specialty gas and chemical handling sub-systems, we nurture the customer relationship with a goal toward high volume private label manufacturing.

Industries We Serve

Why Choose Us ?

Our strength is in our people. It starts at the top, with a management team featuring decades of Fortune 500 leadership experience. Our dedicated staff of engineers, technicians, buyers, and administrators face demanding challenges every day – and stand ready to assist our customers any way they can.

For Ceres, diversification means more than just servicing multiple industries. It means ensuring a diverse skill-set within our teams, allowing us to adapt to industry trends, unique opportunities, and stay on the cutting edge of technology.

Since our inception in 2011, our reputation grows with every project. We pride ourselves on delivery a quality product, often exceeding customer specifications. We’re always willing to pull out the stops to meet the most demanding needs.

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